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Welcome to Boston's newest, and only, Scottish bar and kitchen located in the great Jamaica Plain.
Scotland's the home of comfort food- we aim to pay tribute to that tradition, but add a wee bit of spice.
We look forward to serving you in a most hospitable manner very soon.

We are located at 2 Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Telephone: 617 52 Haven / 617 524 2836

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Boston Food Diary: The Haven JP; Jamaica Plain

A Boston Food Diary: The Haven JP; Jamaica Plain


  1. Wow. Just read your incredibly offensive "compliment" to a friend of mine on Yelp. Are you fucking bipolar? I've been to your restaurant twice and liked it well enough, and you seemed like a super guy, but now I'm going to tell everyone I know how much you and your salty ass food fucking suck. Maybe you'll make up for it by spam-commenting articles about the place, like you did in the above link, but it's generally not a very smart idea to act like such a dick when you manage a new restaurant in this economy, Waddles.

  2. Ouch...
    Also I've lived in Scotland for over 8 years.
    I never met anyone who really ate haggis, except once a year for Burns' birthday.